About Us

In 1967, Julian’s grandmother Stella Cordova, was employed in a restaurant off of 38th and Lipan in Denver CO. She had worked as a cook at this family owned hamburger joint called Chubbys Burger Drive Inn.

The owner approached Stella one day and offered to sell her the business for $500 down, $50 per month. “When you reach $2500, its yours,” was Julian’s recounting of the story from his grandmother. The rest is as we say is history.



Julian followed in his grandmothers footsteps. cooking up batches of grandma’s recipes. He and his family opened The Original Chubby’s located on 83rd and North Washington in 1987. Smothered green chile burritos, Frito burritos and smothered fries are among several his family’s favorites. In an interview by The Westward, Stella herself
recommends the green-chili smothered Mexican hamburger and chili cheese fries.

In 2013, expect to see the newest addition to The Original Chubby’s locations in the Art District on Sante Fe!